• Apr/15


    What are these things moving around in my vision?

    Do you ever see little specks moving around in your vision?  They may even look like cobwebs or small clear bubbles, but these are often referred to as floaters.  Floaters can be very annoying and often alarming the first time you notice them.  Around 70% of people experience floaters.

    Floaters are usually made up of clumps of collagen of the vitreous.  The vitreous is the gel-like substance that makes up the majority of the eye’s interior, helping maintain its round shape.  These clumps of collagen float around aimlessly inside the eye, casting a shadow on the retina.  They are more pronounced if you are looking at something bright or white.  Floaters usually stay in your eye permanently, but over time they can become less noticable.

    If you experience a new onset of floaters, getting a dilated eye exam is recommended.  Although floaters are quite common, they can also be a symptom of something more serious.  All of our eye doctors at GGC are happy to examine your eyes!


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  • Apr/15


    Allergy Attacks!

    Do you have itchy eyes?  Do your eyelids swell?  Do your eyes tear or become red and inflamed?

    You may be suffering from allergies. 

    According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, seasonal allergies affect more than 35 million Americans each year and can have a tremendously negative impact on an individual’s quality of life. Tree pollens in April and May, grass pollens in June and July and mold spores and weed pollens in July and August add up to a five-month barrage of eye-irritating allergens.

    There are several different medical solutions and environmental solutions that may give you relief from these allergies.  You will need an eye exam to determine the treatment route that is best for you.  Call for an appointment!  270-780-2494

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  • Mar/15


    March Madness!

    It’s that time of year when we may be watching more television and trying to read the ticker at the bottom of the screen!  Are you having trouble seeing your favorite team play basketball?  Is everything getting blurry? If your vision is keeping you from enjoying this season to its fullest, it’s time for an eye exam!

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