Laser Vision Correction

Traditionally, LASIK has required the use of a blade to make a partial-thickness cut of the cornea. Creating a corneal flap with a blade requires a “blind” pass in which the surgeon cannot visualize the blade cutting the cornea. Additionally, a blade can give an inconsistent thickness of the corneal flap which could create an issue with corneal stability.

Due to its unsurpassed safety and accuracy, Dr. Moore exclusively uses Intralase laser technology to create the corneal flap during the LASIK procedure. This bladeless way of creating the corneal flap allows for complete visualization of the incision throughout the procedure. It also allows for a thin, stable flap which does not threaten the stability of the cornea. This technology has proven to be so safe and effective that it is approved for NASA astronauts and military pilots.

Following creation of the  corneal flap, Dr. Moore utilizes a VISX excimer laser to perform the portion of the LASIK procedure that corrects your prescription. This portion of the procedure is painless and lasts less than one minute per eye in most cases. When the procedure is over, you can throw away your old glasses and contact lenses. You’ll never see life the same way again!